Types of Coffee and Coffee Drinks

Café con Leche – Portuguese and Spanish dark coffee with sugar and milk;

Demi-crème – coffee with cream and milk in equal proportions;

Granita de Caffe – cold espresso served with ice;

Irish coffee – coffee with alcohol and whipped cream, which is served is special Irish glasses;

Glace – cold coffee with ice-cream ball, which is served in special Irish glasses with drinking straw;

Doppio – double espresso;

Cappuccino – coffee with whipped hot milk and bushy, silky milk-coffee foam. It got its name thanks to monks of Capuchin order, who, according to the legend, were the first who devised to add a whipped milk to coffee. Cappuccino is the most popular drink in coffee bars. The portion of cappuccino is usually 150 millilitres. The recommended temperature of serving is 60-70 degrees. Often a cinnamon or cocoa is sifted on the cappuccino.

American coffee – coffee that is prepared in a coffee maker with a drip filter, which works on the gravity principle: hot water is dripping in the funnel with a filter containing ground coffee. The most used coffee is Arabica. This coffee is usually drunk from large mugs. This coffee is popular not only in America, but also in Scandinavian countries.

Corretto coffee – espresso with alcohol. In northern Italy this coffee is prepared during the winter, adding grappa. In Ireland, in order to warm up, they drink coffee with Irish whiskey.

Eastern coffee – black coffee with a thick layer of foam. This coffee is prepared in special Turkish coffee pot or in cezve on sand, on fire, or on a hot plate. Often spices like cardamom and cinnamon are used to prepare Eastern coffee.

Latte – coffee cocktail that is made from one part of espresso and two part of heated milk with foam. “Latte” in Italian means “milk”. Latte is served in Irish glass or in some other high glass with a straw. For better aroma of hot or cool latte often different syrups are added. Latte foam is often decorated with drawings, which is called latte-art.

Latte macchiato – unmixed cappuccino where the milk, the milk foam, and coffee are set in layers. “Macchiato” in Italian means “speckled”. Latte macchiato is served in a high glass.

Lungo – coffee that is not as strong as espresso thanks to the large amount of water in the cup, which is usually 50 – 60 millilitres. The amount of ground coffee is 7 grams. This coffee is stronger than American coffee. “Lungo” in Italian means “long”.

Mokko – coffee with chocolate.