Instant Coffee or Ground Coffee – Which to Choose?

We drink coffee in order to get enjoyment, liveliness, and energy. We also like to drink a cup of coffee during leisurely conversations. And all of this is possible thanks to good, high-quality, and aromatic coffee.

Why Does Coffee Has So Many Types?

Nowadays, there are available more than 200 different types of coffee. Basically, the most frequently we hear a word “Arabica” – it is so called Arabic coffee or, in other words, robust coffee. Arabica coffee is more valuable coffee, and it has a deeper flavour. It is considered to be an elite coffee, therefore it will always be more expensive as a robust coffee. Robust coffee contains more caffeine, therefore in the morning in order to get the liveliness, drink this coffee. The best Arabica coffees are united under the name “mild”. Coffee of this class is grown only in plantations, which are located at least 500 metres above sea level.

One of the oldest coffee varieties is mocha. Today the majority of coffee varieties are produced from mocha. Of course, there are other, no less quality coffee varieties as well, for example, inexpensive Indian or Brazilian coffee with a strong aroma and a pleasant bitterness. There is also saturated Java coffee, which has a chocolate flavour. Sumatran coffee differs from other coffee varieties with its bread taste. A unique variety is Sulawesi colossus, which has special taste because of its special processing.

There are so many different varieties because even Arabica coffee acquires other characteristics of taste and aroma in each place, which depends not only on production process, but also on growing process, environment, and even water quality. That is why coffee usually has the name, which contains the name of valley, mountain, city, country, or other place, where it is grown or produced.

Ground Coffee or Instant Coffee?

There is no doubt that only natural coffee has the best taste and the best aroma. Ground coffee and coffee beans are considered to be natural coffee. Ground coffee usually is a mix of different coffee varieties. Ground coffee can be divided in several types: coffee with caffeine, coffee without caffeine, flavoured coffee, or unflavoured coffee. Artificial flavours can be added to coffee as well – the vast majority of coffee drinkers prefer vanilla-nut flavour, but the real coffee lovers prefer coffee with no added artificial flavour, therefore – unflavoured coffee.

Talking about such eternal questions as which coffee to prefer – ground coffee or coffee beans, pre-packaged or by weight – , coffee lovers say that the most delicious coffee can be made from coffee beans, which are sold by weight. The most delicious coffee is coffee from coffee beans, and also coffee aroma after grinding of coffee beans will persist for up to two hours in the room. Specialists say that to find a coffee, which corresponds to your idea of coffee aroma and taste, you must use the method of trials and mistakes, therefore, you just have to try, try, and try.

Do You Like Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is a very popular product, which helps to save time of coffee lovers. There is an opinion that instant coffee is worse than natural coffee because the product is the result of chemical synthesis. But it is not! The taste of instant coffee, of course, differs from the taste of natural coffee, but in the extraction process of instant process producers use the same natural beans that are used in the extraction process of ground coffee. There are three types of instant coffee – granular, powdered, and sublimated coffee. The last one is the most expensive, but it is also the most qualitative.

It is difficult to falsify sublimed coffee, as there is not less caffeine than in the natural coffee. Granules of granular coffee must be large and compact, and they have to be light brown. Dark colour is a sign of over-roasting. Pay attention to the date of preparation of instant coffee, as from that date the aging process of coffee begins. Buy and drink some coffee, which is recommended by other people.