Where Else to Use Coffee Grounds?

Those who drink coffee know how much coffee grounds are throw out into drains every day and every week. It is useful to collect the coffee grounds because it can be reused for many different purposes. Let’s look at the best known applications of coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds in beauty

If you have sensitive skin, try to make a scrub of coffee grounds. Components of this scrub can be different, but the main component is coffee grounds. For example, mix coffee grounds with honey and add a little bit of olive oil. Coffee grounds not only rub off dead skin cells, but also improve blood circulation as well as help fight against cellulite. Scrub that is made from coffee grounds can be used both for body and face.

For hair rinsing

Women who have dark hair can rinse their hair in coffee grounds. Because of coffee hair become more shiny and obtain more intensive tone. If used regularly, it can also fight dandruff. To make a solution for hair rinsing, pour 2 tablespoons of ground coffee with 1 litre of hot water. Rinse your hair when the water has cooled.

Snails are afraid of coffee

As it turns out, coffee grounds are very useful in garden work as well. For example, coffee grounds are very effective snail repellents. They are used scattering them on plants where the snails are living. Experience shows that snails are lost for long time after that.

Plants like coffee

Taking into account that coffee grounds contain a lot of valuable substances, they can be used as plants mulch. They can also be composted. Coffee grounds will be great for plants that like acidic soil, for example, for gardenia, conifers, and azaleas. Coffee gives additional nitrogen. But do not overstate – coffee grounds can be scattered around plants once in a month, and then they can be watered.

Coffee against different insects

The strong aroma of coffee deters different insects, starting with ants and finishing with drosophila. Also garden insects do not like aroma or coffee, therefore scatter the coffee grounds everywhere, where it is necessary.

Coffee against smells

Ground coffee is great against smelly fridge. Put in the fridge a little, opened container with coffee grounds, and the problem will be resolved very soon. This method can be used for wardrobe and shoe shelf as well.

Coffee grounds as cleaning agent

It is recommended to wash glassware with coffee grounds – they do not scratch the glass, but effectively cleans fats and sludges. Coffee grounds can also be used for scrubbing of dirty surfaces.